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Based in Rimini, Italy, Natura Mood’s artisanal products are made with all natural ingredients and when possible, locally sourced supplies. Our art and recipes are carefully designed with home made standards of nutrition and passion and we love to share them with you in our blog: Chronicles.

At Natura Mood everything is made and nurtured with LOVE

Who we are:

We are a couple that loves to do hand made work with natural ingredients.

Everything started when, in preparation for our annual American style Thankgiving dinner party, we decided to create home made candles as a gift to our guests. The search for the perfect wax, the right essential oils and the different bearing styles had opened an amazing new world to us.

Accurately weighing the wax, feeling our hands slippery with coconut and selecting the right blend of essential oils was a blast, even the table smelled like Orange and Rosemary!

And it was right in that moment when our PASSION to create and share our projects snapped.

That’s where our “Breathe in Nature, Breathe out Passion” comes from….

A Bit about Leila….

I’m Italian/American and have lived between the US and Italy my entire life until I finally settled in Italy in September of 2017 and met Marco.

I had been making home made products for a long time, but that doesn’t mean I had a ton of experience making artisan products. I love to research the best combinations and often talk to local herbologists for tips and best supplies for my recipes.┬áSome say my body scrubs are good enough to eat.

I approach my hobby in the same way I approach my life, with Love and Nurturing. I live each day with the intention to be as naturally myself as possible. When not in our lab, I’m often enjoying local 0 km restaurants around my province and exploring the best of Italy.

It’s my belief that naturally made items are often over priced. I aim to make artisanal products affordable, hand made from my house to yours.

… and Marco

 I was born and raised in Rimini and love to travel and see countries with natural beauty. Even my own Italy is not only swarming with history but it’s also one of the most beautiful places in the world due to it’s natural landscapes. From the rolling hills, to the beaches and back to it’s mountains and forests, Italy is unforgettable.

During the day I work on a production chain for a company that manufactures machinery. It is my job to be as detailed as possible to assure the accuracy of the machines we build. This skill does wonder as my focus in our venture is to nurture our projects with the same attention to detail I use at my day job.

This is why we strive to use as many natural and renewable resources as possible to make our products. Our labels are made from kraft paper and our containers are all 100% recyclable. And I can make almost any jar, mug, or glass container into a beautiful coconut wax candle.

Our message to you:

We hope that our hobby will not only inspire you to be as naturally you as possible but also create a sense of community where home made recipes and stories can shared. Feel free to like and comment our facebook and other social media pages and visit our website for inspiration and to nurture the inner you with our hand made products.

And always remember to… Be natural. Be you.