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“I’m thrilled you are here. Please stay awhile and find inspiration that will elevate your mood.”

what we do…

Bathrooms, closets, kitchens, moves and relocations, nurseries, offices, pantries, playrooms,

Home staging, window displays, store merchandising, staging for social media and marketing

decorating and planning events on a budget.

We sell our products and art at local markets and through artisan e-commerce sites (like Etsy) and you are always welcome to browse our catalog and email us if you are interested in anything.

All products can be custom ordered to your liking and intended use.

All Natural

We love our bodies and our home so we choose hobbies that are good for you- both inside and out. That’s why we like to use natural ingredients with low environmental impact and try to work with local suppliers whenever possible. We believe this is the best way to feed our souls.

We breathe in nature and breathe out passion…

Hand Made

Herbs and essential oils have the special ability to change our mood and improve our health. They can be used to achieve almost everything. Because of their immense power, we like to give them all of our attention and love. That is why, even when we grow, everything will continue to be made by hand and never mass produced.

We are artisans and our passions comes to life in our hands.

…with Love

Marco is a true Riminese and I have loved and lived between Italy and the US my entire life. We take pride in the hobbies we do together and nurture them with our heart and soul. Every detail of every item is carefully thought out and filled with attention and love.

We give love to our hobby and our community where people can come together.

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